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Christian Noss

prof @th_koeln // founder @klickmeister // driver @micologne // supporter @codeandcontext & @webscicologne

Inspiration und interessante Projekte, Artikel, Leute und so

Breaking Wave
  • Breaking Wave open_in_new
  • Breaking Wave is an anamorphic kinetic sculpture created for Biogen-Idec's new headquarters in Cambridge, MA.
  • Data Art, Installation
Choropleth Map
  • Choropleth Map open_in_new
  • A choropleth map displays divided geographical areas or regions that are coloured in relation to a numeric variable.
  • Data Visualization
Chroma Plural
  • Collide open_in_new
  • Collide is an exploration of the senses by transforming recorded motion data into abstract visuals and sound.
  • Installation, Data Art
Crystal Mesh
Facebook Tree
  • Facebook Tree open_in_new
  • This abstract data illustration highlights the store’s communication by visualizing the interaction of users online.
  • Data Art, Data Visualization
Flickr Flow
Flight Patterns
  • Flight Patterns open_in_new
  • Flight Patterns is a time-lapse animation that employs data visualization and processing, an open-source computer programming environment, in order to display American air-traffic patterns and densities over a twenty-four-hour period.
  • Data Visualization
Fragments Of Rgb
Global Warming
Ibm Flux
  • IBM Flux open_in_new
  • FLUX is a data-driven art installation visualizing the different facets of the Internet of Things and cognitive technologies.
  • Installation, Data Art
Interwoven Map
  • Interwoven Map open_in_new
  • INTERWOVEN uses AI and machine learning to reveal connections between MAP's collection of South Asian textiles and artworks from different cultures.
  • Art, KI, 3D
  • Jller open_in_new
  • Jller is part of an ongoing research project in the fields of industrial automation and historical geology.
  • Installation, Research
Kirell Benzi
Kultur Design
  • Kultur Design open_in_new
  • Kultur Design is a creative agency specialising in data visualisation, information design, web applications & generative design.
  • Company
Land Lines
  • Land Lines open_in_new
  • Land Lines is an experiment that lets you explore Google Earth satellite imagery through gesture. “Draw” to find satellite images that match your every line; “Drag” to create an infinite line of connected rivers, highways and coastlines.
  • Interactive Data
Messa Di Voice
  • Messa di Voce open_in_new
  • Messa di Voce augments the speech, shouts and songs produced by two virtuoso vocalists with real-time interactive visualizations.
  • Performance
Mit Interaktiven Installationen Page
  • Munken Creator open_in_new
  • The Munken Creator uses browser-based reactive user interface that allows the user to see changes in real time and adjust the design according to their preferences.
  • Art, Typo, Generative Gestaltung
  • Pathfinder open_in_new
  • Pathfinder is a generative approach for the conceptual choreographic research of body movements.
  • Research
  • Radwende open_in_new
  • Die Radwende-App zeichnet die gefahrenen Strecken der Nutzer auf, bündelt diese und visualisiert sie in einer digitalen Karte.
  • Data Visualization
  • Ship Map open_in_new
  • The Data Visualization shows the movements of the global merchant fleet over the course of 2012, overlaid on a bathymetric map. You can also see a few statistics such as a counter for emitted CO2 and maximum freight carried by represented vessels.
  • Data Visualization
  • Stamen open_in_new
  • Stamen is a data visualization and cartography design studio, based in the Mission District of San Francisco and founded by Eric Rodenbeck in 2001.
  • Company
The Body
  • The Body open_in_new
  • The moving sound sculpture is based on the recorded motion data of a real person.
  • Sound Visualization
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